Amjobz Corporate


Amjobz e-marketing Ventures aspires to be the world leader by its baby-steps in 2015 from UAE with its vision to serve the world with its global digital directory, e-market place, etc through a fleet of franchisees and affiliates.

The strength of the alignment among the Company, its affiliates, franchisees and clients (collectively referred to as the "System") has been key to Amjobz ‘s spontaneous success. By leveraging our System, we have been able to identify, implement and scale ideas that meet customers' changing needs and preferences. In addition, our business model enables Amjobz's to consistently exchange and deliver experiences to our global customers and be an integral part of the communities we are serving. We’are leveraging our competitive strengths: iconic facilities that customers love, a unique franchise and affiliate model that empowers anyone to size and scale their investment, skill, time and efforts and soon, a global well-diversified geographic footprint.

Our overall vision is for Amjobz's to become a modern, progressive friendly e-marketing company delivering a contemporary customer experience. Modern is about getting the brand to where we need to be today and progressive is about doing what it takes to be the Amjobz's our customers will expect tomorrow. To realize this commitment, we are focusing on our customers and what matters most to them –friendly service, and useful experience at the value of Amjobz’s.