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Welcome all to Amjobz Global Online Portal. Amjobz is an e-Portal developed a new kind of information exchange to help company to grow their business globally for all kinds of products and services beyond their existing Marketplace.

We Amjobz, is a unique, professional and space-age one-stop-shop e-Marketing Ventures.

An e-Portal encouraging a new kind of information exchange - help companies to grow their businesses globally beyond their existing Marketplace

  • A unique, professional & space-age (one-stop) e-Marketing
  • We have the strategies and solutions that fit your need.
  • We have a revenue system for a life time of income.
  • This is the simplest, fastest way to meet your financial goals


“Shape the future by creating exceptional value and opportunity for the people who want to be extraordinary entrepreneurs. Opening a gateway, to create more employment opportunities!!”


“We help over-burdened, revenue-driven publishers elevate their profitability by campaign optimization and a dedicated sales team.”


Create a worldwide platform for businesses of all sizes to maximize their Sales of Products & Services at competitive costs.

This platform ensures that their customers get uncompromised quality and best prices for all products and services.